CAROLINE CÔTÉ english version

Hi my name is Caroline Cote, I graduated in Masso-Kinesitherapy and Orthotherapy in 2006 at the Academy of Scientific Massage. My many trips to Asia have taught me the connection of body and mind. I personalized myself in the art of stretching and body awareness in India during my Yoga Teacher Training. After 10 years of practicing yoga and orthotherapy, my intuition has spoken and I have deepened my knowledge of the female physical and energetic body. I’m passionate about what I do, I use all my skills to help women find their temple in peace.

My services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of all women. Most recently I have begun to work more exclusively with women who are planning to have a child, are with children, or just recently had a child.

I continue to help all women who have any physical problems.


Women planning to have a child: I help women prepare their bodies to welcome a child. Some of my clients thought they could not conceive and by working the physical and emotional body, we managed to get the body to accept and welcome a fetus. 

Women with child: I help women connect with the fetus, know what the baby wants and prepare for the baby’s arrival. I work on the woman’s body as well as the baby who is preparing for this New world. I also use a variation of techniques that decrease the tension of the mother’s body and bring the body into a state of calm. It is a magical moment for the woman and the fetus.

Women who are postpartum: I help women rebalance their bodies after giving birth. Several changes in the body occur after childbirth and during breastfeeding. Women come to meet me to rebalance and find calm. We work on the tensions of the body, stress, and anxiety. Regaining a healthy body is not easy after all the hormonal changes, which is why it is important to follow up on the physical and emotional body. 

Babies from 0-1 year: I help babies understand their body and soothe their tensions. If the mother has misunderstandings about changing her body, then there are implications on how the baby will understand her body. These little beings already know a lot and it is enough to guide them in their learning.

Children: 1-7 years old: I help children to release tension and teach them to work and maintain their flexibility. The flexibility of the body helps to keep a calm mind and decrease the storage of emotions. It is a work that I do with the participation of parents.

Women : I help women for any physical problems.